A lap around the United States

It has to start somewhere.

It’s been years since I’ve indulged my livejournal voice, and a plethora of stillborn entries litter my evernote account in my recent attempts to revive it. The past few weeks have taught me that I need a higher dose of humility in my daily life. Perfection is a good thing to strive for, but lack of it a bad reason to postpone something.

Writing is no different than exercise. It must be done regularly in order for us to improve at it, and if our goal is to indulge an audience, it takes several iterations and many dud entries to hone one’s voice. Cues I’ve picked up from other bloggers and writers suggest that writing often and fighting “writer’s block” are routine aspects of the craft.

Choose an audience. Choose your message. Something about stating a premise, backing it up, and concluding. Don’t write too much–no more than a page. People are busy.

So in this case, the audience is anyone who I might care to introduce myself to, or someone who knows me, but might want to know what’s been going on recently.

Two years in, my employer and I negotiated remote work rights. I am allowed to work 100% from home, which means that I am effectively location agnostic. My original intent was to move to my employer’s New York office, having long aspired to live in the big city.

A remote work setup is in some ways better than a job in New York. As such, I’m taking the long way getting there. Head west, see friends and family, and attend a few weddings. Get some good mountain bike rides in there. Take in the vastness of the American West, which will be something that will be in sharp contrast to New York. Then, after the last wedding, head east toward the city.

* * * *

It’s been an adjustment and a sad shock to leave behind friends and loved ones in Dallas.

Years of an often lonely existence had been turned around to a very content and full life, with a loving girlfriend, best friends, adventure buddies, and a work life that also met most of my social needs. I had a window view in a downtown skyscraper, the best possible arrangement if one is bound to a desk.

The adjustment and the sadness were anticipated though. I always knew I wasn’t settled. The issue of what “one wants to do” with one’s life is always present, and not having any debt, any property assets, or any children, I felt a persistent nag to use my “wings” and try a different lifestyle.

I’m into my second week, and I must admit that I’m now starting to really enjoy this. Quality time with the brother, epic trail and mountain bike rides, and *surprisingly* more free time. (!!) Nothing but long, open road and more time with friends and family in the next few weeks. I might even read a book or two.

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